There is a global need to promote a healthy lifestyle, because sedentary lifestyle, physical inactivity and tobacco use are the main reasons for the growing occurrence of cancer, diabetes, other chronic diseases and their related symptoms. 

In addition, the ageing populations are putting more pressure on public spending when they often require expensive multidisciplinary care.

Therefore it is vital to put the patient in the focus, who has always been the most under-utilised resource in healthcare, and give patients the support they need in turning their lifestyle.

Complicated Puzzle


The mobile solutions of Salumedia are based on supporting patients in their lifestyle change and improving their health. Patients often lack support in rehabilitation, medication, and a healthier lifestyle, which is where we come in. 

The core components of our solutions are mobile and based on behavioural science and artificial intelligence (AI). The process of making the product goes through design thinking, evidence-based validation and integration to the healthcare settings.

That is why our solutions are proven to work.