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iOS Developer

We are looking for a talented iOS developer to join our team.


What we offer:


We are a digital therapeutics company founded in 2011. We are focused on apps oriented to improve patients’ lives. For this we use top brand technologies and techniques including AWS and artificial intelligence.


Our team is young, international and talented, with strong university and scientific background. We cover a wide variety of areas and aim for excellence, so we hear everyone’s opinions and take them into account.


We have regular meetings in English, following a SCRUM-based methodology adapted to our needs. 


We work on several international european projects, so travelling for
2 or 3 days may eventually be necessary.


We have an office in beautiful Seville and, although we like working together, remote work is possible. Our working hours are totally flexible, as long as you attend to fixed meetings and cover the 10:00 to 14:00 range you can organize yourself as you wish. We want the talent, no matter where it is.


Our technological solutions are based on scientific evidence, there’s a lot of research work and scientific trials behind. It’s a great opportunity to have an impact and make a difference in other people’s lives.


We are developing our own platform of interconnected apps with many technologies involved: PHP, React JS, Android, iOS, etc.


We will cover your training in all the technologies you need, (courses, tutorials and time for practice) and you will work side by side with our CTO that will help you integrate into the daily routine and the platform.


We offer a salary range between 24k and 27k euro.

What we expect from you:


  • You have work experience with iOS, having worked on several applications.

  • You have iOS apps published and getting used.

  • You have a strong willing to learn new things and be part of an innovative team.

  • You feel comfortable in international environments.

  • You pay attention to details and know the best practices in code and structure.

  • You are familiarised with some of the technologies we use.

  • You have a passion for technology and aim for the excellence

  • It’s important for you to make a difference in users’ lives.

  • Version control and documentation are a part of your daily routine. 

  • You are meticulous and bring new ideas to improve our products.


If you get hired in Salumedia:


We offer an integration plan to make it easy for you to get comfortable with your new job. We know it can be hard to get adapted to a new position and we’ve already thought about it. 


In one month…

In your first month in Salumedia you’ll be presented to the team. You’ll talk to our CTO daily and you’ll get to know our platform deeply. Your working time will be most covered with apps interaction and platform training. You will also fix some possible bugs and develop new features. You will participate in the refinement sessions.


In three months…

You will be fully integrated in the team and have already developed a full app in iOS. You will understand how the platform works and bug detection and solving will be an easy task for you. You’ll be totally autonomous and you will have received training in a new technology .


In six months…

You will have developed several apps. The platform won’t be a mystery for you anymore and you will feel comfortable and integrated enough to start bringing in your own ideas. You will lead your part in the refinement sessions and planning will be done taking your opinion into account.


Prove us wrong that you can do it faster ;).

Are you ready for the challenge?

If you liked what you read and think you are the right person for us, reach us at with subject line "iOS Developer".